Doula Testimonials

“My husband and I chose Nicole Sundin as our doula for the birth of our first child. I feel that the support of a doula during labour would help me have the most natural childbirth possible. I also felt that it would be a good idea to have a third support person there who wasn’t a family member, someone we could trust but who would remain calm during this very emotional and intense experience!

In the last month of my pregnancy Nicole came to our home several times. During these visits Nicole’s advice helped Luke and I plan for the birth. Talking things through with a doula, who is also a mother, meant that we felt prepared for any contingencies and very focused. Nicole was extremely supportive of how we felt the birth should go, and very generous with her own experience.

Once the waters broke, Nicole’s support over the phone was invaluable and she arrived as soon as contractions became more intense. She worked together with Luke to help me through the early contraction, keeping the heat packs coming and reminding me to breathe deeply. With Nicole’s presence, both of us felt more calm and confident about staying at home longer during that first stage of labour.

I didn’t need any drugs or medical interventions for the birth and Matilda was born in the water two hours after we arrived at the hospital. Everything went according to our best case scenario. I believe this is due to our planning, teamwork and a good deal of luck!
I highly recommend Nicole’s services, her professionalism and warmth. I’m very glad we chose her!”


“Prior to our first meeting with Nicole, I was a bit wary about what sort of an impact a third person would have on the birth. Would this person take over? What sort of a role would be left for me?

After first meeting with Nicole, my fears were quickly put to rest. She was clear that her role would be one of support for both of us. Kate would need my support and I was pleased to hear that my role would not be diminished by the presence of a doula.

Once intense contraction had begun, Nicole’s presence freed me to concentrate on offering emotional support to Kate. She arrived just when I needed four arms to hold hot water bottles and heat packs, adjust music and set essential oil burners. She sat with Kate and I, reminding her of breathing techniques I had forgotten.

At the birthing centre, Kate was attended to by midwives sporadically until delivery seemed imminent. Nicole was present the whole time, which meant that I could focus on holding Kate’s hand and encouraging her.

When Matilda was born, I was amazed and became caught up in this new little person. it was good to have someone there besides me who could provide practical support.
Nicole was a fantastic support to us both.”