TENS Testimonials

“The TENS machine really helped me during the birth of our first baby, Hanna. I began using the TENS early on Friday when I realised things were beginning to happen. I initially used the machine on the lower settings as I went about my usual day, including going for a long walk. It also helped to get those natural painkillers flowing. As the labour pains got stronger, the machine was really effective at diverting the pain. I realised this when I was in the bath without the machine fitted. The TENS machine gave me something to focus my attention on, by counting through the contractions and pressing the boost button at the same time before each contraction. Throughout the whole fifteen hours of my labour, the TENS machine was an effective pain relief solution as well as a distraction. The service you provide is professional and prompt and value for money. I have and will continue to recommend your service to friends of mine who are expecting. Thanks again for your advice and I will give you a call when number 2 is on the way!”


“Many thanks for the super speed delivery of the TENS machine. It was great for the first stage! I will definitely keep you card and recommend you.”


“I used the TENS unit for pain relief with my first baby, it allowed me to stay at home using the first stage of labour for much longer than I would have thought possible. It will definitely be my first choice of pain relief should baby number two come along! Thank you Birth Partner.”


“Thank you for the greatly appreciated relief during my labour. It was much more effective than I anticipated and I will be recommending TENS to all my pregnant friends”


“Many thanks for the TENS. It was a great help for the first 24 hours of my 33 hour labour!”


“I used the TENS machines from the start of labour and throughout (the electrodes were still attached to my back an hour after birth!) and I must say it practically saved my life! I even refused a bath or a shower as I didn’t want to take it off. That constant vibration on my back and using he BOOST mode just allowed me to focus on something else other than the pain of the contraction. I will recommend it to other women for sure.”


“I hired the TENS unit for my labour. I must say I as very grateful for it. It really did help me throughout my labour. I was able to cope with the contractions, with the TENS unit, in the comfort of my own home (which was what I wanted). It was comforting that I had something that I can control (ie TENS unit) throughout my labour. My labour pain started on the 19th February at 7pm. ALl throughout the night, through till morning I used the TENS unit. The “BOOST” button was the best! My water broke at 4.30am at home. At 7am I arrived in hospital and gave birth to a healthy baby boy on the 20th Feb at 10.30am! Thank you again and I will definitely will recommend it to my friends.”


“Thank you for the great service. My wife delivered drug free …a baby boy. She used the TENS machine through stage 1 and part of stage 2 labour. She found it a godsend. I will be letting others know of the efficient operation you run. Well done!!”


“Thank you for your prompt and friendly service. After two weeks of exhausting (and mind-messing!) false starts, [our daughter] finally made her very grand entrance last Friday night. I used the TENS throughout Friday during our 2am rush to the birth centre which had 7 women labouring and room for only 4! Throughout the rest of the day as I stopped and started at home for the REAL THING (yay!!) when we went into the birth centre at 6.30pm. I laboured around the room until the distraction of the buttons and pulses was not really helping. Then I hopped into the shower where bub was born less than 10 contraction later on a birth stool. When she decided to follow through, she did it in great style!Second stage was 1 long contraction with 3 peaks, lasting less than 4 minutes. Bub broke her membranes as her head landed in my hand, leaving a gorgeous little hole. Thanks again.Loved the new machine – so much better than the archaic version I used before. Best wishes”


“Thank you so much for delivering such prompt and friendly service for the TENS unit I recently hired from you.  I was extremely happy with everything, especially the price and hire period compared with other businesses that provide TENS unit hire.

“I went into labour naturally at home, 5 days before my due date and 14 hours before going into hospital to be induced.  I started using the unit as soon as I realised I was in labour.  Of my 5 hour labour, for 3.5 hours I was at home and only used the TENS machine and breathing techniques to cope with the pain.  On arrival at the hospital I also used the gas.  The combination of all three (TENS, gas and breathing) was all I needed to make it though my labour drug-free (Which turned out a good thing because I was fully dilated on arrival at the hospital so there was no time for an epidural even if I wanted one!)

“I will definitely be contacting you again when I have my next baby, I had such an awesome birth experience and am so proud of myself because my labour was drug-free!

Thanks again,”


“I found the TENS machine fantastic to use while in labour.  I went into labour at 3am and used the  TENS machine pretty much straight away.  It really helped me focus away from the pain of each contraction and as the pain increased it was excellent to be able to up the sensation on your back.

“I was in hospital at 8.30am and 9cm dilated. I had always wanted an epidural for my  labour but being 9cm dilated already it was too late.  I carried on using the TENS machine and feel it would have seen me through the labour except complications arose leading me to theatre.

“I would highly recommend this machine to anyone due to give birth and have already to a number of my friends due in the next few months.



Thanks for the hire of the tens machine, it was really fantastic and I will be recommending it to everyone.

My baby arrived a little early. I was just over 38 weeks. The labour started slowly at about midnight but the contractions didn’t get strong until about 4am. I started using the tens machine at around 11am and didn’t take it off until 7pm when I started to push.

I used the low setting most of the day and by the time I arrived at the hospital at 5pm I was using the maximum boost button. I realised how valuable it was when very late in the labour (within 10 mins of the pushing stage) I didn’t turn it on in time, the pain was so much more intense. I wasn’t able to turn it on myself once the contraction was well under way, but watching the video back I can see that I was telling my sister “ it’s not on!” she was panicking trying to work it out. After the contraction passed I realised how much the machine was distracting my brain from the pain. It was excellent!

I had a baby boy, 9 pounds, I used the gas as well but I am pretty proud I did it without an epidural.

My daughter, is turning 2 in a few weeks and I wish I used a tens machine for her labour, she was posterior and I ended up having an epidural, so I know it would have helped.

Thanks again!


I used the TENS unit all during my pre-labour and found it to be quite useful.  I’m glad I took it out and gave it a few practice runs before pre-labour however, because for some reason before I used it I thought it would be some kind of magic device like a massage chair which would take a lot of the pain away!  Silly me!  BUT I did find it helpful because it gives you something else to concentrate on during contractions rather than the pain itself – which I’m guessing is the whole point of the unit.  I especially liked the Boost setting.  I didn’t use it as much during actual labour – as I was in and out of the shower etc.

The service that you have provided is fantastic – I really welcomed the fact that I didn’t have to rush to send the unit back – as I ended up having a caesarean and spent 5 days in hospital so sending back the unit was the last thing on my mind!  And having the post-paid satchel ready to go was extra helpful too, as I didn’t need to wait around at the post office – almost impossible I must say with a new baby on your hands.  Thanks very much Nicole for the professional service and the TENS unit.  I would definitely recommend it to mums to be.

Anyway, here are some pictures of my new baby boy too.

Thanks again Nicole.



“Just to let you know I gave birth to my daughter Poppy on Saturday (10 days overdue).  I used only the TENS machine for the labour, as I found it just enough to distract my mind from the pain whilst feeling completely in control of my body and how I was birthing.  I only used it on mode one so goodness knows how powerful it actually  is!  I will post it back to you tomorrow.  Thank you for all of your advice and for a great service”


“How are you? I used the TENS machine during my labour and felt that it worked very well in easing the pain of my contractions. I was induced as I was 10 days overdue so the contractions began straight away, but with the use of the TENS, I could not really feel them even though I could see them on the monitor. After being on the drip for 8 hours, thats when my contractions became quite painful and I stopped using the TENS machine and was then on the gas.

Overall I was in 17 hours of labour and I do think that the TENS machine helped me greatly in the beginning stages of labour. I ended up having an emergency C-section and out came a 9 pound boy from a 5ft and 45kg mum!!!I blame it on his father who is over 6ft. Definately will be recommending TENS machine to people.”


“I am so glad I decided to hire the TENS machine. It was fantastic. I was nervous about having my first baby, and had attended yoga, pre natal classes and researched drug free methods of pain relief for labour. The TENS machine was recommended by the hospital. It was a very easy email search to find you and the TENS machine arrived on time and the instructions were easy to understand.

“I was actually 11 days overdue and thought my baby never come! I went into labour naturally and started using my TENS machine when I felt my contractions became regular. I could have started using it earlier but didn’t know I was in labour!!! I had actually already had experience with a TENS machine when I had acupuncture so I was familiar with the sensations of the machine.

“During the first stages of my labour I used the machine and it gave me a welcome distraction as I laboured at home. By the time we got to the hospital the contractions were five minutes apart and I was 5 cm dilated. We went straight to the birthing suite and I laboured for another 8 hours. I increased the intensity as the contractions increased. As they got stronger I used gas as well and found that the combination was very effective. It did not take away the sensations but allowed me to have something else to focus on and ride the wave of the contraction.

“I continued to use the TENS machine while I pushed (on the strongest setting) and even forgot to turn it down while I was in that stage. It was an intense sensations but was so helpful. After pushing for some time I ended up having some assistance with a vacuum delivery but continued to use my TENS machine the entire time. After my son was delivered then my husband had to remind me to turn the machine off!

“It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend the TENS machine. It was so helpful and I would not hesitate to use it again for my next labour!

Thanks again for your prompt and efficient service!”



“Thank you!!!  The Elle TENS really was a life-line during my labour.  Many thanks.  I will most definitely be in touch for the next one”