10 Reasons to choose the Bednest

10 reasons to choose the Bednest co-sleeping bassinet…

  1. Bednest attaches to your bed so it cannot slide away.

  2. Bednest’s opening side panel forms a bridge to create a continuous surface to your bed, crossing any gap between the mattresses – particularly important if your mattress sits within a  frame.

  3. Bednest’s adjustable stand has 70 different settings – enough height options to ensure there is no step from the crib’s mattress to yours.

  4. Bednest’s opening fabric panels are on frames to ensure there is no loose fabric that may cause a trap.

  5. Bednest’s stand can be tilted to help relieve the symptoms of reflux.

  6. Bednest has a second opening side panel to provide easy access from either side when the bassinet is beside your bed.

  7. Bednest’s opening side panel can prevent your baby rolling into your bed.

  8. Bednest can be assembled in one minute without the need for any tools.

  9. Bednest can be used bedside, standalone, as a Moses basket, and folded for travel.

  10. Bednest makes it easy and practical to co-sleep with baby.

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