Best Labour TENS Machine?

Which is the best labour TENS machine, I hear you ask?

When you are thinking about using TENS for pain relief in your labour, my first piece of advice is to ensure you have a TENS machine that is specifically designed for labour.  There are many different TENS on the market, but a labour TENS machine has two important features which make it your first choice:

  • it is easy to use – there are no fiddly settings for you to try and figure out (or remember during your labour!)
  • it has a Boost Button – this is what you use during your contractions.  The Boost Button changes the sensation of the TENS, and really helps you to get through those contractions

Birth Partner has Australia’s widest range of labour TENS, so we understand it may be difficult to decide which one to buy or hire.  We have put this table together for you to try and help you.

Best Labour TENS machine:

Elle TENS Plus
Elle TENS Machine
Neurotrac Labour TENS
8 week hire
from $70
from $60
from $50
not available
Boost Button
Separate wire
Neck strap / belt clip
Belt Clip
Able to use after labour
Yes, general or pelvic mode
Pelvic floor strengthening
Yes, from 6 weeks post-natally

Once you have decided which is the best labour TENS machine for you, you can consider whether you would like to buy or hire it, and whether you want a standard or a deluxe hire booking with a couple of extras.  Just go to either our TENS Machines or our Hire shop to order.

As with all our products, Birth Partner offers free delivery with all orders over $100, otherwise we have a $8 flat rate delivery fee.

If you want to discuss the best labour TENS machine for you, or your order in any more detail, just email or call Nicole on 9522 6222 or 0402 405 889.


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