How to Save Money on a Co-Sleeping Bassinet

To hire a co-sleeper bassinet is a clever move for new families in a couple of ways – it can save you both money and sleep, and is environmentally friendly.

save money by hiring a co-sleeper bassinet

Saving money

Why do new babies seem so expensive?  There is a big set up cost for a new baby – pram, car seat, bassinet, cot, baby carrier, clothing, and heaps more for the nursery.  The list can be longer than a newborn baby!

Resourceful Australian families rent some of the short-term items, and put the money they save towards other things.

Newborns in particular need some things for such a short time period – car capsules and bassinets are the two items that spring to mind initially. Instead of paying out hundreds of dollars for something you only need for 6 months, you could rent it for less than 50 cents a day.

Birth Partner helps ease your financial pressure by hiring out a couple of award winning co-sleeping bassinets.  We have the well-known and loved Arm’s Reach Mini and Euro Mini as well as the European designed Bednest available to rent, and can easily send them to you, regardless of where you live in Australia.

You can hire a co-sleeping bassinet for short or long term periods – from 1 month to 6 months.  We deliver it to your door, and arrange for return once you no longer need it.  Because it is hired, you don’t need to store the co-sleeper bassinet in between babies, we do that for you.

How to Get More Sleep with Baby

New babies take a while to adjust to being in the outside world – some people call this the fourth trimester.  They can seem demanding – asking for food and sleep all the time, and not at the hours we are used to.

By co-sleeping (sleeping with baby next to you), the whole family often gets more sleep.  You can respond more quickly and easily to midnight wake ups to feed or to settle, and baby is more likely to sleep better being aware of mum’s heartbeat and breath right next to them.  This keeps waking and settling time to a minimum.

Hiring a Co-sleeper Bassinet

To hire a co-sleeper is as easy as waking a sleeping baby – go to our Sleep page or our Hire page and choose your co-sleeping bassinet – one of the Arm’s Reach co-sleepers (Mini or Euro Mini, depending on your bed height), or the Bednest – select your hire period and let us know when you would like it delivered.  Done.

Bednest Bedside BassinetArm's Reach Mini Co-Sleeper Bassinet







We will then arrange delivery of your hired co-sleeping bassinet and contact you when it is time to return it.  You even have the option to buy and keep it at the end of your hire.  We ensure our co-sleeping bassinets are in perfect condition before we send them out, washing them between uses, and regularly replacing our stock.  Our Bednest hires even come with a brand new mattress included in the hire price, or you can choose the Deluxe Hire option where you are guaranteed a brand new Bednest bassinet to hire.

Need Advice?

You are welcome to email Nicole at or call on 02 9522 6222 or 0402 405 889 to discuss any other requirements or requests you may have to make your life with baby easier.  Birth Partner looks forward to helping you.


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