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Doterra Home Essentials Kit – 10 Oils & Petal Diffuser & 25% Doterra purchases for 12 months – RRP $450 PLUS $30 worth of freebies!

$330.00 inc GST

All your home essentials with Doterra essential oils, plus 12 months membership with 25% off your next year’s purchases from Doterra.

Plus the opportunity to earn money and free essential oil products.

Purchase through us and we will also give you an extra $30 worth of your choice of oils.

Alternatively, call me on 0402 405 889 or email if you have any questions, or if you would like to join up over the phone or by email.


Doterra Home Essentials Kit

Enjoy a 12 month Doterra Membership with this Doterra Home Essentials Kit which includes all the oils which are essential for use around your home.  Any future purchase within the next 12 months from Doterra will be 25% off.  This will enable you to save on each and every oil you purchase. You may also like to build your own flexible business selling Doterra Oils – ask us how.

Why Doterra Essential Oils?

Doterra Essential Oils are:

  • Safe – the best quality, purest oils you can find – grown, harvested and tested to meet a standard of purity
  • Effective – essential oils can help you take control of your health naturally, able to eliminate mould, fungus, viruses and bacteria
  • Affordable – one drop is all you need for results

Doterra Home Essentials Kit includes

  • EasyAir (15ml) – a blend of pure oils to nourish the lungs and sinuses.  Diffuse at night for healthy and restful breathing, or use on feet for seasonal respiratory discomfort.
  • DigestZen (15ml) –  a digestive blend of seven pure oils to ease digestive discomfort, ease motion sickness or nausea.  Use for comfortable digestion at mealtimes.
  • Frankincense (15ml) -nourishes the blood and brain, beautifies skin, supports immunity, helps aches and pains, the “king of oils”.
  • Ice Blue (5ml) – a blend of pure oils to nourish muscles and joints.  Apply to tired and aching joints, rub on arms and legs before and after exercise, use for deep tissue massage.
  • Lavender (15ml) – soothes irritated skin, calms bee stings and insect bites, soothes emotions, supports restful sleep and breathing.
  • Lemon (15ml) – drink with water daily, soothes irritated throat, neutralises odours, naturally breaks down petrochemicals in the body.  Can be used for cleaning, antioxidant and detoxifier, elevates mood.
  • On Guard (15ml) – a protective blend, can be used as  mouth rinse, diffused for airborne threats or applied to spine or bottom of feet.  Contains nature’s most powerful anti-oxidant (clove oil).
  • Oregano (15ml) – natural immune support, good for feet, toenails and warts, supports health.
  • Peppermint (15ml) – invigorates lungs, calms stomach and head tension, increases alertness and focus, cools body.
  • Tea Tree (15ml) – nourishes the skin, good for feet and toenails, mouth and skin, helps sores and rashes.
  • Petal Diffuser – for effective diffusion of your essential oils.  Comes with a light and automatic timer.
  • Doterra Membership and Welcome Pack – usually $35.  Membership gives you 25% off full price orders from Doterra for 12 months, and rewards for on-going monthly purchases.  Plus earn up to 30% of your total monthly Loyalty Rewards purchases.  No lock-in contract, you can cancel at any time, or you can use your membership to set up your own flexible income. We can support you with this, but we will not pressure you.

Why buy the Doterra Home Essentials Kit through us?

What benefits do you receive by buying your Home Essentials Kit through us?  We will:

  • gift you an extra $30 worth of your choice of Doterra essential oils for free – just send us an email and tell us what you would like.  You may like to use this to try some more oils for yourself, or to share with others.
  • support you during your membership with Doterra – whether you just want to buy for yourself, or if you would like to discover how to earn free essential oils or some extra money, or even start your own business.  We won’t pressure you, but we can help you to make the most of your membership.  I have built my own website, and started my own business, and I have loads of tips on how to achieve this quickly and easily, which will enable you to benefit from my experience.
  • send you extra information on how to make the most of your membership, helping you earn points towards free essential oils in your next order.  This effectively drives down the cost of your oils even further.
  • help with monthly emails with information on the Doterra free Product of the Month and any specials they have, as well as information on how to use your Doterra essential oils
  • send you a free sample of essential oil, and recipes to help you make your own essential oil blends at home.
  • We may even help you make some money!

How to buy the Doterra Home Essentials Kit

Click on the “Buy and Join Now” button to be taken to my Doterra website, where you can place your order.  Please ensure you are enrolled under me (Nicole) – membership number 5176331.

Alternatively, call me on 0402 405 889 or email if you have any questions, or if you would like to join up over the phone or by email.

 Thank you!  x