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Homeopathic childrens starter kit

Homeopathic Childrens Starter Kit

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A Homeopathic starter kit with 12 remedies to address some children’s issues.

Product Description

A 12 remedy homeopathic children’s starter kit from Owen Homoeopathics for home prescribing.


  • Aconite 6c – Early stages of the inflammatory process such as fever, dry, short hacking cough, colds, influenza, earache, vomiting etc. Ailments often come on suddenly during the night after exposure to dry, windy weather or a fright.
  • Arnica 6c – Arnica has traditionally been used for symptoms associated with bruises, accidents and injuries. Feels ‘as if bruised and beaten’. Jet lag. It may assist with repair and healing in situations such as childbirth, surgical and dental procedures.
  • Arsenicum 6c -Symptomatic relief of tummy upsets that result in vomiting, diarrhoea and burning stomach cramps. The person may feel restless and anxious. It may also support the body during colds that present with weakness, a runny nose, cough and wheezing. May boost immunity when travelling.
  • Belladonna 6c – Compare with Aconite for the first stage of the inflammatory process, particularly in small children. Symptoms that arise suddenly with bright redness, heat of the face or affected part and intense throbbing pain and congestion such as with earache, colds, flu, fever, sore throat, headache, toothache and mastitis.
  • Calc Phos 6c – Symptoms associated with teething, poor appetite, leg cramps. Stomach pains and headaches in children who may also be tired, thin, whiny, discontented and often crave salty foods. Traditionally calcium phosphate was used in tonics and believed to have a tonic effect at times of rapid growth and improve the absorption of nutrients.
  • Chamomilla 6c – May help relieve symptoms associated with teething, colic, dry & tickling coughs and earaches when the child has one cheek red and one pale and is restless, hot, thirsty, cranky, sensitive to pain and can’t be pleased.
  • Ferrum Phos 6c – A tissue salt that has traditionally been used in the early stages of the inflammatory process and when generally ‘off colour’. Conditions which may benefit include fever, earache and nose bleeds. Take on it’s own or with Aconite or Belladonna.
  • Hepar sulph 6c – Traditionally used for symptoms associated with cold sores, herpes and eczema with suppuration. It may also be useful for the symptoms of croup or a barking rattly cough with yellowy mucous.
  • Hypericum 6c – May assist with the healing of injuries such as jammed fingers, bricks on toes, puncture wounds, splinters, bites and stings with long shooting pains. Traditionally Hypericum is known as “the Arnica of the nerves” and when taken after surgery including dental treatment, wounds, scratches and cuts it may support healing.
  • Ledum 6c – May be useful for symptoms associated with bites, stings and puncture wounds where the skin is swollen, pale, cold and mottled. It may also be useful after Arnica has been used for bruises.
  • Phosphorus 6c – May relieve symptoms associated with loose, dry, spasmodic coughs, hoarseness, vomiting and heartburn, nosebleeds. Traditionally recorded as suiting people who crave cold drinks, love company and have many fears; the dark, thunderstorms, twilight, ghosts, the unknown.
  • Pulsatilla 6c – May help congestive symptoms where discharges are thick and yellow-green. The person may be clingy, moody, and weepy, desiring consolation, company and fresh air. It can help relieve symptoms of PMS, menstrual symptoms and hot flushes and for tummy aches after rich, fatty foods. It may also help manage the discomfort of rashy illnesses.

All descriptions are from Owen Homoeopathics Remedy Guide

Always read the label.  Homeopathic principles should be applied when using these remedies.

If symptoms persist, please consult your healthcare professional promptly.

Valued at $198 if purchased individually