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Maternity Care Gift Box for Pregnancy, Birth and Breastfeeding from BodyICE

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Pregnancy and childbirth can have its uncomfortable moments but fortunately there are natural ways to help ease the discomfort.


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BodyICE® Woman Maternity Care has been carefully designed to help soothe your body during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. With two comfy breast pads and a dependable perineum strip, BodyICE Woman Maternity Care will provide cooling or warming relief in all your sensitive areas.


Maternity ice pads are essential for pregnant and breastfeeding women and here at BodyICE, we have designed an excellent range of ice pads for maternity care that will help you both throughout your pregnancy and also once the new arrival is here. You can read more about what makes BodyICE products and services the very best and why you should choose us for your iced maternity pads.


Having a baby can be an exciting and very stressful time all at once, and small decisions can seem overwhelming. When it comes to choosing who you will purchase ice packs from, the simple and easy answer is BodyICE! We have done all the hard work for you by designing ice pads that are specifically for expecting mothers and our quality is exceptional. You can read more here about what makes our products and services the very best.

  1. Affordable – There are so many things to prepare for and buy when you have a baby on the way, especially if it is your first. That is why we made our maternity ice pads with premium quality so that they are re-usable whilst keeping them affordable, so that you will get good use from them for your first baby and babies that come afterwards! No matter what your budget is, you will be able to pick up our ice packs.
  2. Specially Designed – We design our products here in Oz and we spend a long time on each specific product to perfect it. We always want to make sure that you are getting a product that works perfectly in the area that it is designed for and this is what really makes our products, in particular, stand out from the rest. You’ll enjoy the added bonus of our products being dual purpose – catering for both cold and heat therapy.
  3. Pain Relief – If you have had children before, or are currently pregnant, then you will know that maternity, childbirth and breastfeeding can have a major toll on your body. Aches, pains and tenderness are very common pre and post-birth and our ice packs are designed to help you soothe these areas naturally. Our maternity range is stylishly designed to fit your breasts and around the nipples as well as your perineum to soothe discomfort, pain and swelling that you may experience from pregnancy, childbirth and or breastfeeding.


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Here at BodyICE we’re extremely proud of our products. Our range of breast gel pads are designed by Lydia Lassila, an Australian Olympic champion who is familiar with what it takes to recover from injury, be it from sports or motherhood. Be sure to check out our perineal ice packs and perineum strips. We look forward to hearing from you.
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BodyICE Woman Maternity Care includes:
2 x breast gel-bead pads and 2 x disposable sleeves
1 x perineum gel-bead strip and 5 x disposable sleeves


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