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Nature’s Child Bottom Balm 45g open jar
Nature’s Child Bottom Balm 45g and 85gNature’s Child Bottom Balm 85gNature’s Child Bottom Balm 45g open jarNature’s Child Bottom Balm 45g

Nature’s Child Bottom Balm

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Nature’s Child’s bestseller, this certified organic bottom balm is both cloth and disposable nappy friendly.

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Product Description

Nature’s Child Bottom Balm is full of certified organic ingredients in a beeswax base.

Use to prevent and improve nappy rash.

Nature’s Child Bottom Balm Ingredients:

  • Certified Organic Olive Oil – a good antioxidant and moisturiser as well as a cleanser
  • Certified Organic Sunflower Oil – rich in vitamin E and acts as an antioxidant
  • Certified Organic Almond Oil – nourishing and anti-inflammatory. An outstanding emollient which can soften and soothe even very dry skin.
  • Certified Organic Beeswax – may help heal the skin and reduce irritation
  • Unrefined Certified Organic Calendula infused in Sunflower Oil – anti-inflammatory, often used to shift stubborn wounds, rashes and eczema and soothe sore, inflamed and itchy skin conditions
  • Certified Organic Comfrey infused in Sunflower Oil – known for its anti-inflammatory properties.  Contains allantoin which is believed to boost the growth of new skin cells and rosmarinic acid, though to relieve pain and inflammation
  • Natural Vitamin E – a wonderful skin softener which assists in soothing rashes and hot, itchy skin
  • Certified Organic Lavender Oil – can calm the nervous system and assist with skin inflammations
  • Certified Organic Chamomile – calming and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Roman Oil

* This product is Certified by ACO (Australian Certified Organic)


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45g, 85g