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Rebozo – 100% Wool

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The gorgeous Mexican rebozo is often used by midwives, doulas or support people to assist the mother during childbirth.

Perfect for use during pregnancy, labour, and post-natally.  The rebozo can be used in labour to help mobilise a woman’s pelvis, support her during contractions and assist in turning the baby into a favourable position for birth.


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A rebozo is a long flat scarf used in Mexico for clothing, and also used for baby carrying and to help during childbirth.

Rebozo sifting or jiggling can help to relax tight ligaments, and may help a baby rotate in pregnancy or labour more easily by relaxing your muscles or abdominal fascia.

There is some great information on using the rebozo on the Spinning Babies website.

A rebozo scarf can be used during pregnancy or during labour.  They are so beautiful, that you will find a thousand uses for it after your baby is born too.

These rebozos are 100% wool, made in Mexico.  They measure 172cm (+fringe on fringe on each end) x 60cm.  Blue with stripes or red with stripes or solid red.




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Blue stripes, Red stripes, Solid red

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