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sleepytot comforter
sleepytot comfortersleepytot comfortersleepytot comfortersleepytot comfortersleepytot comfortersleepytot comforter

Sleepytot Comforter

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Sleepytot Comforter has helped thousands of babies and toddlers to sleep and be happy.  Sleepytot will help your little one find their own dummy.

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Product Description

The Sleepytot Comforter can help your baby find their own dummy at night and return to sleep without fully waking.

Sleepytots don’t slip out of the cot as easy as a dummy does and they have four paws that can each hold a dummy, a teether or other special toy.

Recommended by the Millpond Sleep Clinic, the Sleepytot Comforter doesn’t slip out of the cot as easily as a dummy does.

The Sleepytot Comforter can be attached to the cot bars or buggy straps.  Each of the four paws  can hold a dummy, teether or other special toy.

They can be used as a wee pillow and while you feed your newborn, place it next to your skin so when you put bubs down you can safely use Sleepytots paws to secure to the cot rails.  Baby smells you, gets to look at sleepytot too and all safely!

Sleepytot Comforter Size

22cm x 25cm

Sleepytot Comforter Colours

Cream or Grey

Sleepytot Styles


Additional Information


Small (12cm x 16cm), Big (22cm x 25cm)


Cream, Grey, Blue, Pink


Bunny, Lamb with no box