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Training Pants from Baby Beehinds

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Designed to look and feel like real undies, but they will keep clothes dry.  Your toddler will still feel the wet against their skin, which will improve their toilet training skills.

Perfect for when your little one is ready to start toilet training, but you are still a little nervous.

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Training pants designed to look and feel like real undies, but with the ability to hold accidents and keep clothes dry!

These training pants are easy for toddlers to pull up by themselves, while they develop their confidence with their toilet training skills.  Perfect for car trips, nights or if you think you’ll need some extra time to find a toilet, when they’ve just gotta go!

Baby Beehinds Training Pants features:

  • Super soft, natural ORGANIC cotton jersey inside & outside to help your little one feel the ‘wetness’.  This enable them to develop their toilet training skills, and make the connection between that feeling in their tummy and the wetness in their pants, helping them develop their toilet training skills as they re ready.
  • Hidden TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) waterproof layer to keep clothes dry!
  • GOTS Certified & OCS 100 Certified Organic Cotton
  • 55% Hemp/45% Organic Cotton terry inserts for superior absorbency, antibacterial & anti-fungal qualities.
  • 2 layers of Hemp/Organic Cotton Terry sewn into the pocket PLUS additional separate booster with 3 layers of hemp/cotton terry
  • Change your boosting layers as toilet skills improve
  • Soft & snug waist & leg elastics to keep accidents contained!
  • Double pocket openings for easy booster insertion
  • Ability to increase absorbency even further with our snap in Day/Night Booster to give you an additional 9 layers absorbency + a stay dry suede cloth layer (only available for purchase separately)

Training pants Size Guide

Waist           Legs           Rise         Weight range

S/M   40-48cm      24-30cm     42cm       10-15kg

M/L   43-52cm       28-34cm     46.5cm    14-18kg

L/XL  47-56cm       30-36cm     50.5cm    18-24kg

XXL   50-59cm       33-40cm     53.5cm    24kg+

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