The Safe Sleep Seven

Confused about safe co-sleeping practices?  You are not alone.  La Leche League International ( gives these great 7 tips for safe co-sleeping or bedsharing.

The Safe Sleep Seven

If a mother is:
1. A non-smoker
2. Sober
3. Breastfeeding

And her baby is:
4. Healthy
5. On his back
6. Lightly dressed and unswaddled

And they:
7. share a safe surface

Then the baby’s risk of SIDS is no greater than in a crib, and any breathing hazards have been hugely reduced.

safe sleep 7

They even have a rhyme (to the tune of Row, Row, Row your Boat!):

No smoke sober mom

Baby at your breast

Healthy baby on his back

Keep him lightly dressed


Not too soft a bed

Watch the cords and gaps

Keep the covers off his head

For your nights and naps.

Using a co-sleeping bassinet keeps baby on their own separate sleep surface, which can help.

Here’s the link to the page on the La Leche League website – – they have heaps of other helpful info too, and a great Sweet Sleep book for breastfeeding families.


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