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“Essential oils are all about keeping the body in an environment that optimizes its healing capacity and supports a healthy immune system.* This is why using essential oils every day is such a powerful wellness tool.”


What essential oils do you recommend using (and how) during the labor delivery process?

There are many oils you could use in labor, but I like to simplify and use as few as possible.


Basil and Black Pepper essential oils combined with Fractionated Coconut Oil and massaged onto the low back can relieve discomfort during labor, and provide the needed strength to endure with greater ease. These two oils can be especially helpful when experiencing back labor.

Clary Sage essential oil is calming and helps relieve tension, which helps with contractions. Try blending Clary Sage with Geranium and/or Lavender.

AromaTouch® massage blend improves circulation and relaxation, and is soothing to both mind and body. The back and shoulders are often areas of tension; massage with Fractionated Coconut Oil to these areas for stress and tension relief.


Peppermint essential oil, when inhaled, can help reduce feelings of nausea brought on by discomfort. I sometimes use it to turn a breech baby. I apply Peppermint with Fractionated Coconut Oil from hip to hip and spread up and over the abdomen in a rainbow fashion. I apply Myrrh to lower where I want the baby’s head.

Wild Orange and Doterra Balance® make an excellent delivery-diffusing blend. The grounding blend helps balance emotions, supporting feelings of courage, confidence, and strength. Wild Orange helps reduce feelings of anxiousness.

Perineum support for pushing stage:

Gently massage on the perineum during crowning to lubricate and help ease baby out.

Stephanie Fritz is a Certified Professional Midwife, author, public speaker, and AromaTouch® trainer. She has had a very successful midwife practice in Arizona since 2000. She began utilizing doTERRA essential oils with her clients and their babies as a natural health solution in 2008.