L’il Fraser Collection Baby Wraps in Store now!

A generous size and stretch, the L’il Fraser Collection baby wrap can wrap or swaddle even the largest bub.  Measuring 120cm x 120cm, it can be used as a feeding shawl or nursing cover, a cot sheet, pram cover, security blanket or floor rug – ideal for tummy time!

The L’il Fraser Collection is a range of thoughtfully designed baby wraps – the only baby swaddles recommended by leading mother’s help groups and maternity hospitals.

Designed to be large enough for babies of all sizes, and with enough stretch to allow freedom of movement without unwrapping.  The perfect size and fabric mean it is versatile enough to be truly multi-purpose, saving money and valuable space in your nappy bag.

Made from 100% cotton jersey stretch wrap, a unique weaving technique was created to ensure a natural stretch without the use of synthetic fibres.


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