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Used Neurotrac Labour TENS Machine to Buy

$100.00 $90.00

or 4 payments of $22.50 with Afterpay

If you buy used Neurotrac Labour TENS machine it is yours to keep.

This pack includes everything you would get with a brand new TENS, but it has helped at other births.


Buy a used Neurotrac Labour TENS Machine to keep.

To buy used Neurotrac Labour TENS machine, you will receive everything you would get with a brand new Neurotrac Obstetric TENS, but the TENS machine has helped at other births.


What is the Best Labour TENS:

Elle TENS Plus Elle TENS Neurotrac TENS Obi TENS
Buy $235 $175 $160 $128
8 week hire from $75 from $65 from $50 not available
Boost Button Built-in Built-in Separate wire Built-in
Neck strap / belt clip Both Both Belt Clip Both
Able to use after labour Yes, general or pelvic mode Yes Yes Yes
Pelvic floor strengthening Yes, from 6 weeks post-natally No No No

You can find more information here about the best labour TENS.


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