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Complete – Postnatal Herbal Tea from BodyWise BirthWise, 100g

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Formulated by a naturopath for to help complete the third stage of labour.  It is perfect for home births and planned natural third stage of labour.

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Complete Postnatal Herbal Tea is formulated by a naturopath for immediate use after birth to support a safe and complete third stage of labour.

It helps the uterus contract to birth the placenta and to minimise bleeding, whilst easing uterus afterpains. Perfect for homebirths and/or a planned natural (physiological) 3rd stage of labour.

Very helpful in those first few days after the birth and the afterpains that can be very uncomfortable whilst breastfeeding.

Complete – Postnatal Herbal Tea Contains:

Shepherds Purse*, Squaw Vine, Motherwort*, Cinnamon*, Cramp bark, Ladies Mantle, Peppermint*

*100% Australian Certified Organic

How to Make your Herbal Tea

To get the maximum benefit from your herbal tea, you need to steep it for as long as possible, enabling the therapeutic benefits to be extracted from the herbs.  You can drink it warm or cooled, and may want a thermos to keep it warm.  You can add a little honey or lemon if you wish.

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