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Manduca Zipin Ellipse

$29.95 inc GST

The Manduca Zip-In Ellipse enables small babies to be carried in the Manduca baby carrier with even greater comfort in an orthopedically correct manner.

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Thanks to Manduca infant seat and the Manduca Size-It, parents have always been able to carry their newborns in the orthopedically correct M-position® (spread-squat position).
The Manduca range of accessories has now been extended with a further item to improve the support of small babies carried in the manduca. As an alternative or addition to the integrated infant seat and the Size-It, the Manduca ZipIn Ellipse is simply zipped into the patented Manduca back extension. Thanks to the elliptical form of the new Manduca ZipIn Ellipse, the Manduca is an even better fit for the rounded back of smaller babies and so offers ideal support for the baby’s naturally rounded back.


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