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mother nurture – postnatal herbal tea

Mother Nurture – Postnatal Herbal Tea from BodyWise BirthWise

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A delicious herbal tea, formulated by a Naturopath to rebuild and nourish the new mother, safe to drink while breastfeeding.  Helps to rebuild, nourish, combat baby blues, exhaustion, low milk supply and fluid retention whilst optimising healing after the birth.

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Product Description

This Naturopath formulated herbal tea helps to rebuild and nourish the new mama; combating baby blues, exhaustion, low milk supply and fluid retention whilst optimising healing after the birth.

Mother-Nurture – Postnatal Herbal Tea Contains:

  • Ladies Mantle*,
  • Cinnamon,
  • Motherwort,
  • Fennel*
  • Lemon Balm*
  • Dandelion leaf*
  • Nettle*
  • Vervain
  • Withania*
  • Also with a hint of Organic Lemon Lift* (Lemongrass, Lemon myrtle, Lemon peel, Hibiscus, Licorice and Spearmint) for a delicious taste.

*100% Australian Certified Organic

This tea is safe to drink whilst breastfeeding. Drink 3 – 4 cups daily.

Which Size Should I Order?

50g of Mother Nurture – Postnatal Herbal Tea will make about 20 cups of tea, 100g will make about 40 cups, and 200g will make about 80 cups.  For the full benefit of the medicinal herbs, it is recommended you drink 3-4 cups each day, so 50g will last you 5 – 7 days, 100g 10-14 days, and 200g 20-28 days.

How to Make your Herbal Tea

To get the maximum benefit from your herbal tea, you need to steep it for as long as possible, enabling the therapeutic benefits to be extracted from the herbs.  Some mums like to make a large batch to sip on throughout the day.  You can drink it warm or cooled, and may want a thermos to keep it warm.  You can add a little honey or lemon if you wish.

Ingredient Information

Cinnamon – one of the great ‘warming’ herbs.  It is always best the mother be warmed; internally and externally.  Soothing to the body, and helps the uterus to heal after birth.

Dandelion leaf – a gentle and balanced diuretic that helps ease any fluid retention.  Rich in folic acid, B vitamins and calcium.

Fennel – the seeds promote the milk letdown effect, boost supply and also provide anti-colic effects to the baby.

Ladies Mantle – a classic postpartum herb; reduces postpartum bleeding and afterpains within the uterus.  Contains high levels of iron to combat anaemia, and helps rebalance the hormones after pregnancy.

Lemon Balm – a wonderful relaxant, calming to both the nervous system and the digestive system.  Great for anxiety, especially when affecting sleep and appetite.

Motherwort – supports the reproductive area after birth; toning the uterus back to pre-pregnancy size, helping reduce postpartum blood loss and alleviate afterpains.

Nettle – strengthening and nutritive herb, supportive to the whole body.  Rich in many nutrients, including iron.

Vervain – nourishes and strengthens the nervous system after stressful events.  Increases mood, reducing any ‘baby blues’ or anxiety, especially when the appetite is affected.

Withania – rejuvenating, balancing and strengthening to the nervous system.  Great for relieving fatigue and exhaustion common in the early months.

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100g, 200g