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Perineum Strip Perineal Ice Pack Cool Pad from BodyICE

$24.95 $22.50 inc GST

The BodyICE perineum strip perineal ice pack is designed to provide cool, soothing relief after birth to the perineal area.

It can also be warmed and used as a heat pack.



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The BodyICE Woman perineum strip perineal ice pack has been purposely designed to treat the perineal area pre and post childbirth.

Sometimes referred to as peri pads, these perineal cool pads are essential for use postpartum to cool and soothe your perineum and help any postpartum soreness you may experience.

When heated, the perineum strip can be effectively used during the 2nd stage of labour to help reduce the occurrence of perineal trauma.

When frozen, the perineum strip perineal ice pack provides soothing, cooling relief to the perineal area which may be irritated, swollen and tender from childbirth, whether or not you had an episiotomy.

The perineum strip perineal ice pack can also be used to give instant relief from vaginal irritations and inflamed haemorrhoids, or to treat Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD).

After pushing baby, no matter how long for, you will be a bit swollen.  If you need any stitches, you will be a bit sore.  Whatever your needs are, the BodyICE Woman perineum strip has got you covered pre and post-labour.

Non-invasive, natural and drug-free, simple to use in the hospital or at home.  Discreet and comfortable.

Each pack contains:
1 x perineum strip
5 x perineum sleeves

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