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Pumpease pumping bra
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Pumpease Pumping Bra

$49.95$59.95 inc GST

Surf the net, use your phone or read a book while you pump with the Pumpease pumping bra!

Pumpease pumping bra / expression bustier allows you to double pump completely hands-free, allowing you to get on with life while you pump. PumpEase is the world’s ONLY fashionable hands-free pumping bra.

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Product Description

PumpEase Pumping Bra

PumpEase is a hands-free pumping bra that offers easy use, exceptional comfort, durability and top-notch quality in fun and stylish fabrics.

A PumpEase pumping bra gives mums the ability to read a book, use the phone, or work online while pumping by freeing their hands from the awkward, and sometimes difficult, task of holding the breastshields against their breasts for extended periods of time.


Mums seek to pump their breastmilk for a number of reasons:

  • makes life easier for new mums who travel
  • have a premature or sick baby
  • build a stash of breastmilk to let Dad or other carers bottle-feed
  • return to work and still want baby to have breastmilk
  • want to keep up or increase their milk supply

PumpEase is:

  • adjustable – an absolute requirement for the fluctuating breast sizes of nursing mums
  • easy-to-use
  • guaranteed to securely hold all makes and model of breast pumps with its unique no-stitch pump openings
  • time-saving – easier and quick to double pump rather than just from one breast at a time

PumpEase is available in fashionable prints so you can choose one that fits your personality, and perhaps feel a bit less like you are using a medical device.

PumpEase pumping bras are currently available in the Classic Collection (including floral prints), the Fabulous 50’s Collection (polka dots in fun colours), and the Organic Collection (beautiful unbleached and un-dyed organic cotton).

The PumpEase pumping bra helps mums feel sassy, and even sexy, while also doing their very best to provide breastmilk for their babies.


“This is definitely a must for pumping mothers.  This bra allows me to pump at work, right at my desk.  I feel productive at work while pumping, and I can power pump at my desk.  My bosses are mildly amazed by my productivity.  Definitely a lifesaver.  Plus, it doesn’t take long to dry after a wash.  I just hang it for a few hours, and it’s dry for the next day.” – Diyan, via email, March 2019

As most women know who have spent a lot of time expressing, double pumping can be great for slashing your pumping time in half and can more effectively build your supply. But holding the breast shields in both hands can be difficult while you pump.

Pumpease pumping bra / expression bustier allows you to double pump completely hands-free, allowing you to get on with life while you pump.


There is more information about pumping bras at

The Pumpease pumping bra can be used with all brands of breastpumps, including Spectra, Haakaa, Medela, Ameda, Tommee Tippee and more.

We now have convertible straps available as well, here – Strap Happy

How to Use
Simply wrap the PumpEase pumping bra around your bust and fasten in the front over your nursing bra, nursing top (lower panels first) or over nothing at all. Insert the breast pump flanges into the openings of the expression bustier, centering over your nipples and then start pumping. You will enjoy having both hands free to read, write, text, talk on the phone, surf, bank online or tend to your baby – ALL while pumping!

Fabric & Care
PumpEase exclusively use an 88% high-count polyester/12% spandex micro fiber knit for the PumpEase pumping bra.

This exceptional technical fabric delivers high-performance & durability, comfort & softness against the skin, ease of care, excellent stretch & memory (it won’t bag-out after use or shrink during washing), breathability, quick-dry & wicking qualities and colour fastness. PumpEase recommend washing by hand or machine in warm water, no bleach and hang to dry. In a pinch you could tumble dry your PumpEase, however because of the spandex in the fabric, we don’t recommend this on a regular basis as dryer heat will eventually break the spandex down.

PumpEase Size Chart

PumpEase Size Chart

If you are at all near the borders between sizes, please proceed below to take an Overbust Measurement to confirm the size that you require.

The PumpEase hands-free pumping bra / expression bustier doesn’t need to be overly tight – it should, however, fit snugly enough so that it holds the breast shields in place during the pump’s “rest” cycle. Think of when you are nursing – your baby’s face is not pressed tight against your breast, is it? The suction of the pump does the work, not the pressure of the breast shield.

Overbust Measurement Size Chart 

PumpEase Size Chart

It is estimated that 70-85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Therefore, if you are unsure that the bra you are currently wearing is the correct size or if you are in-between, please take a measurement over the largest part of your bust and refer to the chart on the left.

Bust Point Size Chart


PumpEase have had several requests from for the measurements between the breast shield openings for each size of PumpEase pumping bra. This is called the “bust point to bust point” measurement in the apparel industry and we know that it can range greatly from woman to woman. Just another way we make it easier for YOU to choose the correct size for your PumpEase!

Keep in mind that the measurements don’t take into account the stretch of the fabric or the adjustment of the hook & eye, so if you are looking at the chart below and the bust point measurement is a bit narrower or wider than your body measurement, you should still be okay. If you are in between sizes on this chart as well, we recommend choosing the smaller size. If you are still unsure which size of PumpEase to purchase, please email We’d love to help!



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Tuxedo Black, Galaxie Black, T-Bird Red, Organic, Forget Me Not, Hugs n Kisses, Mahalo Mama, Melons for your Melons, Rosie


S, M, L, XL


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