Why Should I Hire a Labour TENS Machine?

Do you want an easier birth, without drugs, and know you want a TENS machine, but ask yourself why should I hire a labour TENS machine?  Or you can’t decide whether to buy or hire?

After hiring labour TENS machines for over 8 years, Birth Partner might be able to help you decide.

We have helped thousands of happy women and babies to have an natural, drug-free birth.  Most of those women have hired their labour TENS machine.  Why?

Most women only use the TENS machine during their labour.  Whilst they can be used for many pain relief issues, the reality is that the majority of women only hear about TENS when they are pregnant.  Buying a TENS machine can be an expensive option for these women. (Although having a TENS machine at home can be extremely useful for many things, but that is the subject of another blog post).

Using a labour TENS machine can help you to labour more easily and to have a natural birth without drugs, if that is what you want.  They really do help to relieve the pain during your labour.  If you really don’t like it, or don’t think it worked for you, we will happily refund you.

Hiring a labour TENS machine is cheaper than buying one.  It is even cheaper than buying two.  So, unless you are planning to have more than two bubs, or you (or someone else in the family) think you will use the TENS afterwards hiring is the cheaper option.

Every labour TENS machine from Birth Partner is tested and cleaned before it is sent to you.  After every hire from Birth Partner, we unpack the TENS machine, test it in case it has had a hit on the way back, and clean it in readiness for its next Mum.

You have nothing else to pay when you hire from Birth Partner.  Your labour TENS machine hire comes with everything you need – the TENS, an easy to read instruction book, a small carry bag to pack it easily in your labour bag, new pads, batteries, and our contact details in case you have any questions.  With most of our hired TENS machines, you also receive a pre-paid post satchel, so you can return it easily.

Every hired labour TENS machine comes with new batteries and pads.  We provide a new set of electrode pads every time an obstetric TENS machine goes out to a new Mum.  The TENS pads come in a sealed pack, so you know you are the first to use them.  You will also receive a new set of batteries.  These may not be in a sealed pack, as we buy in bulk to keep your costs down, but they are brand new.

The labour TENS machine is yours for a long 8 weeks.  Sometimes a little longer.  You can extend it if you need to, and there is no penalty fee for this.  We understand that when you have a baby, life can be unpredictable for a while.  We like to send your hired TENS machine a month before your baby’s due date, and then it is not due back until a month afterwards.

Birth Partner will give you a discount on your hire price if you book early.  That’s right! – book your labour TENS hire a month or more before your baby is due, and we rent it to you for a cheaper price, regardless of which model you choose.  This is our way of saying thank you, because you are helping us to manage our stock levels, and that way you don’t miss out.  We reserve a labour TENS machine for you, or if we are out of stock, we will buy a brand new one for you.  Just because you are organised enough to book early.  You’re welcome!

Birth Partner makes it easy to hire your TENS machine.  You can book online, or my email to nicole@birthpartner.com.au, or even by phone on either 02 9522 6222 or 0402 405 889.  You can pay by cash, credit card, or bank transfer.  We can send it to your home, or you can come and pick it up from us.

Birth Partner makes it easy to return your hired labour TENS machine.  You can mail it back to us.  Most of our hires come with a pre-paid post satchel.  We even address it for you.  All you need to do is pop the TENS in the satchel, and then everything into the post box once you are out and about again.

Birth Partner has a choice of labour TENS machines to hire.  All our TENS machines are specifically designed for use in labour.  We have a selection of TENS machines available, with slightly different additional features and prices, so you can choose what will be the best labour TENS for you.  We currently hire the Elle TENS Plus, the Elle TENS and the Neurotrac Labour TENS, all great obstetric TENS machines.  We even do a couple of different hire options in case you want some extra bits and pieces, or if you need it urgently.

You may be eligible for a rebate form your health fund.  Of course, this depends on your fund and its inclusions, but many funds offer a rebate for TENS hire as well as for purchase.

Renting is good for the environment.  Hiring a labour TENS machine means it is re-used and recycled.  It stays out of landfill, and helps more women.  Your kids will thank you.

So, you want to hire a labour TENS machine?

Great – you can go ahead and hire now.  If you are still in your first or second trimester, that’s fine, we will just reserve your TENS for you, and send it out when you are ready.


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