November Special on Leander Cradle and the Leander Cradle and Tripod Stand Package

Purchase the Leander Cradle and Tripod Stand Package from Birth Partner during November, and receive a FREE canopy and FREE set of sheets, valued at a total of $129.90.  If you only want the Leander Cradle, you will still receive a FREE set of sheets valued at $49.95
If you live in Sydney, delivery is also free.  If you live elsewhere, please contact us for delivery charges.  As always, we try to keep this as low as possible, and contribute towards this ourselves so you will only pay part of the true cost.

The stunning Leander Cradle by designer Stig Leander can be suspended either from the ceiling or from the stylish tripod stand to make it the ultimate centrepiece in the nursery.  If you purchase the Leander Cradle from Birth Partner in November you will receive a set of sheets for free.

Our Leander Cradle,Tripod Stand and Canopy Package includes the stunning Leander Cradle with the stylish tripod to enable you to set it up in any room in your home and canopy to provide a truly peaceful sleeping environment for your baby.  If you purchase the Leander Cradle and Tripod Stand Package from Birth Partner in November, you will receive the Canopy and a set of sheets for free.

The Leander Cradle is highly sought after in Europe, where it is designed and made, both by parents and by professionals working with premature babies.

You can read more about the Leander Cradle and Tripod Stand Package on our website –

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Leander Cradle


A cosy swaying nest, the Leander Cradle is the perfect first bed for your baby.  Babies find the swaying  motion comforting and secure as that is what they are used to feeling in the womb.  $339.95


Leander Tripod



Made from whitewashed laminated beechwood, the Leander Cradle Tripod Stand is a great alternative to hanging the cradle from the ceiling, making the cradle very portable.  $199.95






Leander Cradle Canopy Add elegant style while enhancing the feeling of cosiness and security for your baby with the Leander Cradle Canopy, enclosing baby in their own little nest. It is machine washable.  $79.95





Leander Cradle Sheets


The Leander Cradle Sheets are designed to fit the Leander Cradle.  100% white cotton, soft for baby, and machine washable.  Pack includes two fitted Leander Cradle Sheets.  $49.95






Check out our Leander Cradle Styling Ideas on the blog as well.

If you have any questions, or want to go ahead and order, please contact or phone on 02 9522 6222 or 0402 405 889.  We look forward to speaking with you.

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