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Brolly Sheets Bed Pads with Wings

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A waterproof, absorbent Brolly Sheet to tuck in on top of your child’s fitted sheet.  If wet, simply take off and replace – no need to change all the bedsheets.  100% cotton top, noiseless and soft non-PVC waterproof backing.  Saves washing, time and sanity!

No need to use any special discount code or coupon online under when ordering as we always have great prices.

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Brolly Sheets bed pads with wings are an easy solution for a wet bed.  Just tuck it in on top of your child’s top sheet, and then you just replace the Brolly Sheet bed pad when it is wet – no need to strip the whole bed.  Saves time, washing and tantrums!

Unique 100% cotton top – natural, comfortable and breathable surface to sleep on.  Tuck in wings to hold it in place.  Waterproof, breathable PUL (polyester backed polyurethane) backing which is soft and quiet.  No vinyl or PVC (which can emit toxic compounds, as well as being sweaty or noisy), holds up to 2 litres of liquid.  Can be tumble dried.

Brolly Sheets bed pads with wings are a fantastic solution when you are toilet training your toddler, have a sick child in the house, or if you are pregnant and concerned about your waters breaking at night.

How do Brolly Sheets Bed Pads with wings Work?

Just place the Brolly Sheet on top of the bed’s normal bottom sheet, and tuck in the wings under the mattress.

The child sleeps on the unique 100% cotton comfy top

The absorbent middle layer and waterproof (yet breathable ) PUL backing of Brolly Sheets keeps the bottom sheet and mattress dry if your child wets the bed

If child wets the bed in the middle of the night, just whip off the Brolly Sheet, and replace it with a dry one, before tucking child back into bed before he/she wakes properly.

Wash one small Brolly Sheet instead of a whole set of bedsheets.

Please wash separately prior to use to help soften the fabric and aid absorbency.

We recommend you have at least 2 – one on the bed and one to use as a replacement – 3 is ideal as it allows for one to be in the wash.  We offer great discounts for Brolly Sheets bought in a twin pack or triple pack.

What are Brolly Sheets bed pads made of?

Top:  100% cotton

Middle layer:  95% polyester / 5% rayon

Backing:  100% polyester backed polyurethane (PUL)

Wings:  100% cotton

No need to use any special discount code or coupon online under when ordering as we always have great prices, and like all our items, we happily send right around Australia (contact us if you would like some sent overseas).

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Petite / Cot, Single, King Single, Queen


Lime, White, Blue, Pink, Hugs and Kisses, Galaxy, Dinosaur, Unicorn, Dusty Rose Unicorn


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